Monthly Archive: February 2016

Feb 23

Cowards Wearing Green Berets

Most of you that follow this page probably already have heard about this case, but in case you haven’t, you need to pay attention to the story of SFC Charles Martland and CPT Daniel Quinn.                         These two warriors were confronted by a small …

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Feb 08

Why I Always Carry

I didn’t want to venture into the political realm here because this is about helping all veterans, and as we know, vets come from all areas of the political spectrum.  As I got ready to head to the barber shop with my son a couple days ago and concealed my pistol I asked myself why …

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Feb 05

American Badass: Frederick Douglass

Although Frederick Douglass is a common name during black history month, so few people really know his amazing story. BLUF: He was a BAMF- Bad Ass Mother Fucker.  Seriously. Douglass wrote three autobiographies in his life.  Each one gives a little more insight into his journey than the previous, and his escape only told by …

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