Monthly Archive: March 2016

Mar 22

What is an E6 Pay worth really?

Here at CONUS Battle Drills I keep telling you about the Big Four Questions¬†every veteran absolutely must answer before getting out. ¬†Despite Chad’s very eloquent and convincing reasoning for asking “Why” first, I maintain that if you are not financially ready, or don’t understand the financial ramifications of your decision, it doesn’t matter if you …

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Mar 21

Start with Why

Louis has “four main questions” that he challenges each of his readers to ask themselves before or during the process of separating from the military. I suggested to him (Louis), from very early on, that his first question purposed to CBD readers (or anyone he talks to for that matter) should be, “Why are you …

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Mar 17

Veteran Profile: Yancy Caruthers, NW of Eden

CONUS Battle Drills is very excited to introduce a fellow combat veteran, Yancy Caruthers author of North West of Eden! One of the pleasures of taking on this project has been meeting all the great veterans out there that are deciding that they too are going to get involved and do something. Yancy has been …

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Mar 16

“The Drive”

My name is Chad. Louis Fernandez asked if I would be willing to write some on his blog. After deciding that I would, we both agreed an introductory segment would be the most appropriate place for me to start. I will not spend much time talking about myself, as I assume most readers will have …

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