Monthly Archive: October 2016

Oct 29

Why We Can’t Cure PTSD

What I am about to say is going to piss some people off.  I want you to know that nothing that follows is meant to diminish the very real struggle that some veterans are facing.  Unless we stop to talk about why we have a PTSD epidemic, we will never arrive at a solution.  The …

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Oct 25

Diggin In

Dig In! No, I am not referring to the joyous activity that followed a Thanksgiving Day prayer for the meal. I am talking about the other ‘memorable’ activity. The one every Infantryman, Marine, Ranger, and SOF Operator would like to forget. Now, I recognize not every veteran was a ‘ground pounder’ and some of you …

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Oct 22

Our Next Mission

Are you tired and frustrated with the current job market?  I think it falls to us now, the “Warrior Class,” to once again answer the call of our nation.  It is up to us to change the landscape of our country’s economy.  That’s where CONUS Battle Drills and companies like Lucas Group come into play.  …

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Oct 07

Important Marriage Conversations during Transition

I have told you before that you have to treat your marriage like a team event, not a contract.  If you win an argument against your wife, your marriage loses, and ipso facto, you lose too.  The only way to win is to work as a team and win together.  Today I want to focus …

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