Monthly Archive: November 2016

Nov 27

A Day in Fidel Castro’s Cuba

There was a loud knocking and banging on the door.  She looked up at her children and could see terror come over their faces just by the nature of the sound.  She forced a smile, “I’ll get it.”  As she unlocked the door it flew open sending her stumbling backwards into the wall nearby.  “Mommy!” …

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Nov 22

A Rangeriffic Thanksgiving

“I’m going to do you a favor, Ranger.” The words of the Bravo Company 1SG in Mountain Phase of Ranger school hit me like a ton of bricks.  His “favor” was letting me re-do mountain phase to clear out the plethora of major minuses I had accrued in the three weeks prior.  Let’s face it, …

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Nov 05

My day with Nick and Jack

I keep glancing down at my GPS as I pull into the neighborhood where RangerUP headquarters is located; the area is shady as fuck. I send Nick a message that I am here and when I look up from my phone a guy was coming out of the building to have a cigarette.  I step boldly …

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Nov 01

Why I drive a Prius and Other Begrudgingly Smart Financial Choices

I haven’t had a car payment for almost five years and it has been awesome…except for the fact that my 2006 Honda CRV was getting a bit boorish to drive and I really wasn’t a fan of the armrest.  Those are pretty silly reasons to buy a new car, and every time I went car …

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