Monthly Archive: December 2016

Dec 13

Veteran Profile: Nick Palmisciano-

Taking on CONUS Battle Drills as a project has taught me a lot of things about myself and the “skills” that I have.  For instance, I am absolutely terrible at video editing.  As you know it’s been weeks since I sat down with Nick for this interview, and in that time I have tried to …

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Dec 10

The 4 Big Questions and Your Transition Plan

Getting out of the military is a huge deal.  You are changing your career, your community, your location, everything.  Not planning properly is a quick way to fuck up your life for years to come. Here is the chain of failure that I see often repeated among too many veterans: Get out without a financial …

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Dec 06

CONUS Battle Drills Interview- Dysfunctional Veterans Radio

I had the distinct pleasure on Saturday night to sit down with the guys from Dysfunctional Veterans.  If you don’t already own their gear, I bet you’ve probably seen someone walking around with DV stuff: The interview was a lot of fun and they gave me plenty of time to really discuss our project here …

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Dec 05

“Did you ever kill anyone?” -The question you should never ask

Does your mom like anal? I’m sure there is a veteran out there that doesn’t mind this question, but the overwhelming majority of us never like to answer. If You Actually Killed Someone Seeing someone die stays with you.  I might not remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, but I’ll never forget watching the …

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