Every day veterans are getting out of the military and facing a world that we don’t understand and that doesn’t understand us.

We are faced with challenges that we were completely unprepared for. Writing a resume, preparing for interviews, picking companies, translating our skills for a soft world are all things that we are not trained in. There’s that bullshit ACAP stuff that they make you go through on your way out, but lets be real, most of us are trying not to gouge our eyes out as we sit through classes waiting for a stamp and a signature!

In addition to getting a job, most of us have families that we need to support.  We struggle with being a husband that’s a teammate, instead we fight to win like if it was an ambush.  We have little patience with our kids, and far too often we ignore the demons that can ravage a weak mind.

CONUS Battle Drills is written by a combat veteran for combat veterans to help each other grow in the areas of corporate employment, fatherhood, being a husband, and taking care of your mental state.  I don’t pull punches, I’m not surgical in my approach, I will not coddle you, and I will not feel pity for you.  You are fucking killers, survivors of the greatest fighting force humanity has ever known, and I will treat you as such.

Sometimes, however, you guys need some guidance, that’s why I created this page.


Who we are

The Author

I am a former officer in the US Army.  I served four years as an infantryman with the 82nd Airborne division and deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan where I was involved in multiple protracted firefights against large enemy forces. Those humbling experiences taught me a lot about myself and the great men around me; they were the best worst days of my life. As a Captain, I was trained in military intelligence and served in the 20th SUPCOM as the G2 Plans and Operations for worldwide counter-WMD.

In 2011, I separated from the Army and have been working for John Deere since.

I’m happily married to a beautiful woman far too good for me and we have three wonderful kids.

The Green Beret

Chad is a former Green Beret and a long time friend.  He served in the 82nd Airborne, led the US Army Drill team, and commanded an ODA on several deployments to Afghanistan.

After separating from the military several years ago, Chad moved back into a remote mountain home near a lake where he stays home watching his kiddos and farming…basically the same as Arnold Schwarzenneger in Commando.

The Psychologist

Spartan is also a former 82nd guy that went green to gold and became a senior ranking officer.  He is a board certified psychologist with a successful career spanning about 30 years.  He has helped countless soldiers through their mental health challenges and even did some secret squirrel psyop shit in some interesting places around the world.

Everything about Spartan is vague on purpose because of his current work, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

The Head-Hunter

Eddie Commender is a former Army Infantry Officer and Combat Veteran.  After leaving the service he joined Lucas Group as part of their Military Division.  Lucas Group is the premiere Military Recruiting Firm and has been in business assisting Veterans for 45+ years.  For the last 10 years Eddie has specialized in assisting and placing Transitioning Military Veterans into the Corporate World.  Now a Senior Partner he is an expert at interview preparation, resume writing, planning and executing career searches.

Whether  you just have some questions about what’s out there, or have made your decision Eddie is uniquely positioned to give you the best information available.