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Mar 15

For the love of sheep?

“Tend my sheep.” -John 21 Ever wonder why there seems to be so much tension between veterans and civilians? Just scroll through some of the comments posted on “when a civilian says” memes and you will see just how real and deep that tensions run. I do NOT believe that veterans are the sole party …

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Oct 25

Diggin In

Dig In! No, I am not referring to the joyous activity that followed a Thanksgiving Day prayer for the meal. I am talking about the other ‘memorable’ activity. The one every Infantryman, Marine, Ranger, and SOF Operator would like to forget. Now, I recognize not every veteran was a ‘ground pounder’ and some of you …

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Apr 05

Center of Gravity- Part 2

My parents are far from perfect (so am I) but they are my biggest heroes. I still admire and respect many of our national heroes (God knows there are and have been some GREAT ones) but truthfully none of those people have influenced me in the same intimate capacity.  Popular national heroes, like George Washington, …

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Apr 03

Center of Gravity

I am not confident our nation’s leaders have a clue of what our country’s “Center of Gravity” (CoG) is and probably a great number of them don’t know what their own individual CoG is either.  Because if they did, they would certainly change their practices. If this is the first time you have ever been …

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