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May 10

American Badass: John Stark

Today I want to talk about a serious badass that gets so little attention its a shame:  John Stark.  I know this is long, but it’s such an awesome story that I really couldn’t make it any shorter.  Obviously I fill in my own interpretation of how the events unfolded, but it’s 97.6% fact… Ass …

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Apr 21

American Badass: Harriet Tubman

The news about Harriet Tubman replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill has brought one of my favorite Americans into the limelight.  Although I’m glad Americans are showing a fleeting interest in history, the white-washed version we got in school doesn’t necessarily highlight what a badass Mrs. Tubman actually was, so i’m going to attempt …

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Feb 05

American Badass: Frederick Douglass

Although Frederick Douglass is a common name during black history month, so few people really know his amazing story. BLUF: He was a BAMF- Bad Ass Mother Fucker.  Seriously. Douglass wrote three autobiographies in his life.  Each one gives a little more insight into his journey than the previous, and his escape only told by …

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