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Aug 10

Tom Brady Can’t Block

I often get weird looks from managers when I tell them that their individual team member weaknesses are not very important.  I’m usually asked, often with a touch of snark, “How am I supposed to help people improve if we don’t work on their weaknesses?” It was an interesting question the first time I heard …

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Jun 05

The dumbest possible interview question

What is your greatest weakness? Stop wasting your time asking this question.  There is no possible benefit for you as a hiring manager to ask this, and if you think there is, then you need to learn a thing or two about leadership. 1. Everyone knows it’s coming Search for that question on google and …

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Feb 15

You hired a veteran, but how do you keep him?

According to a survey by VetAdvisor and Syracuse university, a full 65% of veterans leave their first civilian job within two years.  Usually at CONUS Battle Drills we focus on how the veteran can improve their position, but in this case, I want to send a shout out to folks out there hiring veterans and …

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Dec 05

“Did you ever kill anyone?” -The question you should never ask

Does your mom like anal? I’m sure there is a veteran out there that doesn’t mind this question, but the overwhelming majority of us never like to answer. If You Actually Killed Someone Seeing someone die stays with you.  I might not remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, but I’ll never forget watching the …

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