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Mar 01

Some simple but probably not so easy money saving tips

One sure fire way to increase stress and problems after your transition, or in your marriage, is to jack up your finances.  Living paycheck to paycheck and being thousands of dollars in debt is one of the worst feelings in the world.  It’s like you’re sprinting on a hamster wheel and it seems as though …

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Nov 01

Why I drive a Prius and Other Begrudgingly Smart Financial Choices

I haven’t had a car payment for almost five years and it has been awesome…except for the fact that my 2006 Honda CRV was getting a bit boorish to drive and I really wasn’t a fan of the armrest.  Those are pretty silly reasons to buy a new car, and every time I went car …

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Mar 22

What is an E6 Pay worth really?

Here at CONUS Battle Drills I keep telling you about the Big Four Questions every veteran absolutely must answer before getting out.  Despite Chad’s very eloquent and convincing reasoning for asking “Why” first, I maintain that if you are not financially ready, or don’t understand the financial ramifications of your decision, it doesn’t matter if you …

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