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Nov 22

A Rangeriffic Thanksgiving

“I’m going to do you a favor, Ranger.” The words of the Bravo Company 1SG in Mountain Phase of Ranger school hit me like a ton of bricks.  His “favor” was letting me re-do mountain phase to clear out the plethora of major minuses I had accrued in the three weeks prior.  Let’s face it, …

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Nov 05

My day with Nick and Jack

I keep glancing down at my GPS as I pull into the neighborhood where RangerUP headquarters is located; the area is shady as fuck. I send Nick a message that I am here and when I look up from my phone a guy was coming out of the building to have a cigarette.  I step boldly …

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May 26

I don’t need Memorial Day

Memorial day, the day politicians find time in their schedule for a photo op in Arlington, civilians raise American flags and BBQ, and veterans cringe when thanked for their service; I can do without it. I know it’s a very controversial thing to say, but I’m done with all of the pandering to the military. …

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Mar 16

“The Drive”

My name is Chad. Louis Fernandez asked if I would be willing to write some on his blog. After deciding that I would, we both agreed an introductory segment would be the most appropriate place for me to start. I will not spend much time talking about myself, as I assume most readers will have …

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