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Dec 06

CONUS Battle Drills Interview- Dysfunctional Veterans Radio

I had the distinct pleasure on Saturday night to sit down with the guys from Dysfunctional Veterans.  If you don’t already own their gear, I bet you’ve probably seen someone walking around with DV stuff: The interview was a lot of fun and they gave me plenty of time to really discuss our project here …

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Nov 27

A Day in Fidel Castro’s Cuba

There was a loud knocking and banging on the door.  She looked up at her children and could see terror come over their faces just by the nature of the sound.  She forced a smile, “I’ll get it.”  As she unlocked the door it flew open sending her stumbling backwards into the wall nearby.  “Mommy!” …

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Jun 15

Seriously America, WTF?

When the second plane hit the south tower on September 11th, it became clear that we were under attack and I remember thinking that I needed to do something.  Over the next few weeks I spent a lot of time doing some soul searching and figuring out what being an American meant to me.  I …

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May 12

The Dark Night of the Soul- Part 1

This is the first part of two-part postings on suicide. The first part deals with a general introduction to the problem and the concept of risk and protective factors. The second part will address more intrapersonal, individual factors and possible options to find hope and relief. However, it is important to keep in mind this …

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