Apr 22

What is an Assault Rifle?

Ok, so I recently saw someone else bitching about Assault Rifles, and I realized that lots of people need an education.  Regardless of where you stand on the debate, you need to know what you’re talking about.  So this is me doing my part.

It’s ok not to know something, it’s not ok to be willfully ignorant, profess yourself wise, and then make demands off the law based on your ignorance.

So lets start with proper terminology:







Let me take another second for those last two, because some people don’t seem to get that one.  Whoopi Goldberg told Rand Paul that no one should be allowed to own an automatic weapon.  Thing is, automatic weapons are already illegal.  She did mention, however that she owns a pistol.  I would have loved to ask Whoopi what kind of weapon she owns, because i’m sure she’d be surprised to find out that this:

shoots just as fast as this:

In the right hands…Here’s proof:

All semi-automatic means is that one round is fired each time you pull the trigger.  In an automatic weapon, you pull and hold the trigger and it keeps firing, like this:

Notice that belt of ammunition in his hand and how his finger isn’t moving off the trigger.  One squeeze, lots of pew.

Now, for the term “Assault” rifle.  The M4 Carbine seems to be a favorite for this description.

But did you know this weapon functions exactly the same way?

It has the same size magazine, same rate of fire, same ammunition.

The look of a weapon doesn’t make it more lethal.  Calling something an “assault” rifle, or saying “military grade” is just a scare tactic and it makes you look stupid to anyone who knows anything about guns.  Besides, I don’t own any “assault” weapons, I only own defense weapons.

The point is that having a rail system, collapsable stock, gangster grip, and painting a weapon black, doesn’t make it more dangerous.

It’s the user that makes a weapon dangerous

And honestly, in the hands of the right person, lots of things can be just as deadly

In the end, however, you’re going to have to convince me and my compatriots why we shouldn’t be allowed to defend ourselves.  This is Why I Always Carry.


Oh, and if you do get a law passed, you’re going to have to get the guns from us, and to that I say the words of King Leonidas when the Xerxes asked him to drop his weapons:





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  1. Jessica Roth

    I agree that a lot of people does not even know what makes a rifle an assault rifle or a basic rifle. Great article.

  2. Michael Case

    I agree a small gun can act like an assault weapon in the hands of a capable person.

  3. Windsor D Thompson

    The intent and application make something an assault weapon.

  4. Andrew Miller

    Great article, now I know what makes an assault rifle an assault rifle.

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