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Dec 10

The 4 Big Questions and Your Transition Plan

Getting out of the military is a huge deal.  You are changing your career, your community, your location, everything.  Not planning properly is a quick way to fuck up your life for years to come. Here is the chain of failure that I see often repeated among too many veterans: Get out without a financial …

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Oct 01

When should you start preparing to ETS?

It’s really frustrating as someone who is trying to help guys have a smooth transition when I get a message from a guy who is one or two months from ETS and asks me to look at his resume.  There’s really no time anymore, and you are way behind schedule, but I really can’t blame …

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Mar 21

Start with Why

Louis has “four main questions” that he challenges each of his readers to ask themselves before or during the process of separating from the military. I suggested to him (Louis), from very early on, that his first question purposed to CBD readers (or anyone he talks to for that matter) should be, “Why are you …

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Jan 07

Firefight on OP4

Last night I was talking with some friends about our transition out of the military.  There was a common theme and it reminded me of a firefight: “OP4 is under attack!” We poured out of the hooches and into our vehicles right outside.  We were still adjusting our gear, snapping on NODs, tightening plate carriers, fastening …

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