Dec 08

The 4 Big Questions- Why ETS?

  1. Do you know why you’re deciding to ETS?

This is really an important question that gets glossed over by guys.  If you’re answer is 0400 formations, or my wife hates the military, you might want to think twice and have some tough conversations.

I had a clear direction, and years later, that thought still resonates with me.

I didn’t want to miss a year of my son’s life.

I now have three kids and I cherish every single second I get to be with them.  There is no way I want to go back.  If you don’t know though, if it’s just that you’re pissed off at someone above you, or you want to grow a beard…

bro…you need to think about this.

I’ve seen several guys get out for the wrong reasons, and then a couple years later regret it.  You need to do this for you, not for someone else.  If your wife hates the military, you better take some time to soul search and communicate with her because if you get out and then resent her for making you do something you didn’t want to do, you’re going to lose her anyway and hate her even more.  So think about it, know the answer, and make sure it’s something that will still be there years to come.

I know it sounds crazy, but you are going to miss the military.  Maybe not the first day, or even the first year, but a time will come when you miss the excitement, the adrenaline, and the camaraderie.  If you aren’t solid on why you got out, it won’t go well for you.

Make a list of the reasons you want to get out then take a serious honest look at that list.  If it is full of whiny bullshit about SHARP classes or not being able to take leave when you want to, then you might not be emotionally ready for the challenges ahead of you when you get out.

For those of you retiring, congratulations, you made it!


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